Tasty Mongolian Rice

This Mongolian Rice is a famous dish found in Mongolia. This Rice is a fried rice influenced by the chinese cuisine and could be found in various restaurants in different countries. The ingredients used in the dish is worthy to appreciate. The Chilli paste used in this recipe would give a delectable taste to the dish and would be a treat to have in the weekends, get together or festival occasions. Containing ingredients such as fried chicken, sausages and prawns, the dish would be sure to win everyone’s heart. Scroll down to make it at home and serve your family this weekend.

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Can brown rice be used in the Mongolian Rice?

As half of the population choses brown rice while preparing food, people would be wondering if this Mongolian rice could be prepared by using brown rice. As the Mongolian rice is similar to a normal fried rice which we have in our meals, brown rice could be used instead of the normal basmati rice which we have used while making this dish. Fried Rice is indeed prepared using brown rice in some parts of the country so brown rice in Mongolian Fried Rice would be suitable.

Can this dish prepared only using veggies?

Yes, it can. If you are a vegetarian and does not like using chicken, meat or prawns, the Mongolian rice could be prepared using the veggies we have included in the post. Skip frying the chicken, meat, sausages and prawns and start following the method of the dish from the place where we use the veggies.

Preparation of the salad in the picture

If you are wondering the method of making the salad to the Mongolian rice, all what you need is a handful of veggies, mayonnaise, some salt and pepper! Cut slices of zucchini, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers (red, yellow, green) and mix with some mayonnaise, salt and pepper. The easy and delicious salad is ready to serve! Prepare the salad just few minutes before having it as the salad would become sloppy/watery if you prepare it ahead of time.






Chilli powder- 2tbsp



Turmeric powder

Garam Masala

Red bell pepper-150g

Yellow bell pepper-150g



Spring onions-200g

Chilli paste- 4/5tbsp

Ginger garlic paste- 1 1/2tbsp


Boiled Basmati Rice

Spring onion leaves- 200g



Season the chicken with salt, turmeric powder, 1 1/2tbsp of pepper, chilli powder, 2tsp of Garam Masala and mix it well. Keep the seasoned chicken aside for 10mins before use.


Season the boiled meat with salt, turmeric powder, 1 1/2tbsp of pepper, chilli powder and 1tsp of Garam Masala and Mix it well. Keep the seasoned chicken aside for 10mins before use.


Fry the sausages and prawns and keep them aside to use later.


Pour some oil in a heated pan. Add ginger garlic paste, spring onions, carrots, leeks, yellow and red bell pepper, salt, 1 1/2tbsp of pepper, chilli paste and mix them well. Add the fried chicken, meat, sausages, prawns and mix them as well.


In a separate vessel, put the boiled basmati rice, cooked vegetables, spring onion leaves and mix them well. Keep the Mongolian Rice in the stove to heat for 15mins.


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