Treacle Sesame Glazed Chicken

This Treacle Sesame Glazed chicken could make wonders to your dining table. We all have tasted chicken in various forms. Boiled chicken with Gravy, Red chicken curry or fried chicken is cooked in different houses, various stalls and restaurants. But never would you have tried this mixture of saucy, sweet and savory glazed chicken before. Usually treacle is considered on using on sweet dish or with a dessert but this dish in which treacle is mixed with chicken would be one of your favourite chicken dishes which you have tried so far! The treacle glazed sauce mixed with the fried chicken would be sure play the role of a star on your dining table. So, without further delay, grab out a pen and a paper and scroll down to find out the recipe.

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Which part of the chicken is used in the recipe?

If you are wondering about the part of the chicken in the recipe, chicken breasts would do the magic! The chicken part used in the dish should be boneless chicken breasts cut into pieces as they would not only look pleasing in the pictures but easy to consume as well.

How can we have the Sesame Treacle Glazed Chicken?

Sesame Treacle Glazed Chicken would be perfect for special foods as Fried Rice or Mongolian Rice. As the Mongolian Rice would be spicy, the sweet yet spicy sesame treacle glazed chicken would blend with the dish very well. You just have to grab the correct bottle of treacle to do the magic! The Treacle Glazed Chicken could also be used as a dip for bread, pita breads or roti as well. You can find out the method of Mongolian Rice in our previous post.

Treacle used in the recipe:

The treacle used in the dish is by Kosgolla Estate with whom we are collaborating today. The treacle used in the dish is organic and 100% natural. No sugar is added and it’s traceable to source. As there is no sugar added to the treacle, the dish would have the perfect sweetness but the diabetes patients could enjoy it as well. The link of the treacle is mentioned at the end of the post.


Chicken- 850g

Sesame seeds

Spring onion leaves

Oil- 1/4cup

Chilli sauce-6tbsp

Ginger garlic paste-1tbsp

Chilli powder-4tbsp


Corn flour- 5 1/2tbsp

Kosgolla Estate Treacle- 150ml

Spring onions- 4tbsp

Chilli paste-4tbsp

Water- 1 cup



In a bowl add the pieces of chicken breasts with salt, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, 4tbsps of corn flour and mix them well.


Deep fry the mixed chicken breast pieces.


In a heated pan, pour oil. Add the chopped spring onions, ginger garlic paste, chilli sauce, chilli paste and mix well. Pour a cup of water, add salt and 1 1/2tbsps of corn flour which is mixed with water. Pour 150ml of Kosgolla Estate Treacle and mix them well.


When the treacle sauce starts boiling, add the fried chicken to the treacle sauce and pour more treacle on top. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and mix well.

Step 5

Sprinkle more sesame seeds and spring onion leaves on top for garnishing and serve hot!

Treacle link: Kosgolla Estate

Link of our Youtube channel is mentioned below, you can find the video in our Youtube channel FLAVOURSOME.


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