Mysore Pak Recipe

The most famous sweet dish, Mysore Pak originated in Mysore India has a well known history behind it. The dish is known to be prepared by a chief chef of one of the Kings of Mysore and is popular till date. The four ingredient recipe is just prepared using sugar, water, gram flour and ghee. The cube or cuboid shaped dessert has a soft texture and is the best in taste. The dish is suitable for every occasions and only takes a few time to be prepared. Scroll down and find out the recipe to taste yourself the most famous dish at home.

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Is ghee an ingredient to be careful while using in the dish?

Ghee is an ingredient to be careful while using in the dish. As too much ghee would turn your Mysore Pak hard and too little ghee would make it softer. To get the correct consistency of a Mysore Pak, follow the amount of ghee, mentioned in the ingredients below.

Can the sugar syrup used in the Mysore Pak be flavoured?

Yes it can! We have not included any flavours in this recipe. But, the flavours would taste great mixed with the sugar syrup. Rose essence or any other essence that you would prefer will work well with the sugar syrup. Cardamom powder is another best option to use here.


Gram flour- 250g

Sugar- 250g

Melted ghee- 380ml

Water- 130ml



Apply some melted ghee all over the tray in which you are going to pour the Mysore pak and keep it aside.


Mix 250ml of melted ghee with 250g of gram flour


In a heated pan add sugar and water. Mix continuously till the sugar dissolves well till it reaches to one string consistency.


Pour 130ml of melted ghee into the dissolved sugar syrup while stirring continuously. Pour the ghee bit by bit to the dissolved sugar.

STep 5

When the consistency turns thick, pour the Mysore pak to the tray which you have applied the melted ghee before starting the process of Mysore Pak


Let the Mysore Pak to cool off for two to three hours and cut into pieces. The Mysore Pak is ready to serve!

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