Five Ingredient Iced Cream Soda

A cool beverage is one of the things that anyone would not say no to. And if it only needs three steps to make and five ingredients to be used, no question would arise on one’s laziness. Five ingredient Iced Cream Soda is such a beverage. It only needs some of your time and can be prepared with just 5 ingredients which is easy to find on store. The lemon juice blended with condensed milk would give you a rich taste and would leave a satisfaction on trying the drink out. Scroll down to find out the recipe of the Iced Cream Soda.

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What other fruits can be used instead of lemon?

If you are not a person for lemon and is thinking of any other fruit that you could replace it, orange would be the best option. As both the fruits contain citrus acid, the juice of the orange would be a better choice to add to the soda.

Other ingredients to use in the Iced Cream Soda.

If you want an additional ingredient to add to the juice, the most luscious ingredient that would add a great taste to the Iced cream soda would be none other than Ice cream. Considering the flavours of the ice cream, Vanilla flavour would work with the lemon or orange.


Condensed milk- 1 small tin

Lemon juice- 1 medium sized lemon

Green food colouring- 2 drops

Cool soda- 500ml

Whipping cream



Pour condensed milk, lemon juice, green food colouring, cool soda and blend well.

Step 2

Pour the blended juice to the serving glasses and pipe the beaten whipping cream on top.

Step 3

The Iced Cream soda is ready. Serve cool!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel,


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