Rose Oat Milk Mousse

As the festive season is around the corner, everyone would be busy scrolling down their social media pages for a perfect sweet dish to enhance the beauty of their table. If you are one of them, you are here at the right spot as Mousse is ne of the desserts that has won everyone’s heart with it’s light, fluffy and creamy texture. As chocolate flavour pops us when you hear of mousse, we are up with a totally different idea. Rose Oat Milk Mousse is not a dish which will only be flavoursome but also healthy.

The mousse contains a healthy, unsweetened oat milk with the rose flavour which adds a different, healthy and tasty touch to the dessert. The five ingredient recipe would be an easy, less time consumable dessert which would not only save your time but also the satisfy the visitors of your sweet home. Scroll down to find out the recipe of this delectable dessert.

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Why and how to use the corn flour in the recipe?

A corn flour is always the game changer of a dish. If you want to thicken a dish, the first option that jumps into everyone’s mind is gelatine. If you want another ingredient which could thicken your dish, it is a tiny little amount of corn flour. When you put in the corn flour directly into the boiling milk, sometimes it may be harder for you to break the lumps that form once you start mixing it. Down below we have mentioned the method to add the corn flour to the dish without any difficulty of breaking lumps. Scroll down to find it out.

Is sugar needed to sweeten the dish?

No it is not! As the dish gets sweetened by white chocolate and rose syrup, sugar is not needed to play a part in the dish. Both the ingredients give a perfect sweet touch to the Rose Oat Milk Mousse.

Rose Oat Milk used in the recipe:

The Rose Oat Milk is by mylklabs with whom we are collaborating today. The non- diary milk is made up with 100% natural ingredients and oats. The oat milk is super healthy as it does not contain refined sugar or preservatives as well. The creamy milk could be consumed while its chilled or in recipes as mousse, falooda or pudding. If you are vegetarian, this oat milk is the right option for you, as it is plant based and vegan. Get your hand on this bottle for this Christmas, and enjoy a healthy and delectable dessert with your friends and family. Link for the oat milk is mentioned below.

Mylklabs Oat Milk


Whipping cream- 1/4 cup

Mylklabs Rose oat milk- 300ml

Rose syrup- 2tbsp

Grated White chocolate- 2/3tbsp

Corn flour- 2 1/2tbsp



Pour 300ml of mylklabs rose oat milk in a pan. Pour rose syrup when the oat milk comes to a boil and stir well.


Mix the corn flour with some rose oat milk in a small bowl and pour it to the boiled oat milk and rose syrup mixture.


Take the pan away from the stove and let the rose oat milk mousse cool off. When the mousse cools off, add the whipping cream to it and mix well.


Transfer the rose oat milk mousse to the serving cups and garnish with whipping cream and grated white chocolate.

The Healthy Rose Oat Milk Mousse Is Ready!

Find out the video in our Youtube channel,


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