Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

December reminds you of Hot Chocolate. There is nothing that you want than a mug of hot chocolate in the cold days, and a book by your side would be the greatest option. And if you can turn it healthy? What else do you want? The uniqueness in the recipe would be the ingredient swap we have done to the milk. As most of the people at the present double check their thoughts with the word diary or milk, we have swapped the normal diary milk with a healthy non-diary oat milk. And we assure the readers that the oat milk hot chocolate indeed tastes of the normal hot chocolate in which we use the diary milk.

As the oat milk is double chocolate flavoured, we also have skipped the cocoa powder which is usually used while making hot chocolate. Isn’t that great to have two ingredients in one bottle? To skip the milk and cocoa powder in the process of making this recipe, grab a bottle of Mylklabs Double Chocolate Oat Milk. Details of the oat milk is mentioned below with a link. So scroll down to make this easy 5 ingredient Hot Chocolate on this Christmas.

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Is Whipping Cream necessary for the Hot Chocolate?

Whipping cream is not necessary for this recipe. But a touch of whipping cream can also add taste to the hot chocolate. The ingredient would not be added while making the hot chocolate but after pouring it in the serving glasses, you can add spoonful of whipping cream and mix it in your hot chocolate.

Toppings for the Hot Chocolate:

There are many delicious items from which you can garnish the hot chocolate. The most used toppings for the drink are marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, crushed peppermint, whipping cream and chocolate chips. You van add any toppings to your taste as well. Chocolate truffles, toffees, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce too would work well.

Double Chocolate Oat Milk used in the recipe:

The non- diary oat milk is made up with 100% natural ingredients and oats. The oat milk is super healthy as it does not contain refined sugar or preservatives. The creamy milk could be consumed while its chilled or in recipes as mousse, hot chocolate or pudding. If you are vegetarian, this oat milk is the right option for you, as it is plant based and vegan. Get your hand on this bottle for this Christmas, and enjoy a healthy and delectable dessert with your friends and family. Link for the oat milk is mentioned below.

Mylklabs Double Chocolate Oat Milk


Corn flour- 1tsp

Mylklabs Double Chocolate Oat Milk- 300ml

Cooking chocolate- 100g

Brown Sugar- 1tbsp

Whipping cream



Mix Mylklabs Double Chocolate Oat Milk with 1tsp of corn flour.


Boil 300ml of Mylklabs Double Chocolate Oat Milk. Put the cooking chocolate in it and mix well. Add 1tbsp of brown sugar and pour in the mixed corn flour and mix them as well.


Pour the hot chocolate in the serving mugs and top with some spoons of whipping cream.

– Hot Chocolate Is Ready!-

Find out the video in our Youtube channel,


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