Mocha Milkshake Recipe-

The thick and creamy Mocha milkshake is not only mouth watering but also healthy with the plant based vegan Oat Milk used in the recipe. The Milkshake can be prepared using just three ingredients and in just few minutes. The helping hands of your kids would be great while making this tasty glass of Milkshake. Be sure to add the right toppings for your milkshake and add more flavour to your milkshake. Swipe down to note down he easy three ingredient Mocha Oat Milkshake. The glassful of Milkshake would be sure to add flavours to your celebrations this December.

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Toppings for the Mocha Milkshake:

Toppings add magic to a milkshake. If you are searching for a list of toppings to your homemade milkshake, we would suggest cherries, tiny marshmallows, pieces of brownies, scoop of ice cream, candies if your kids would prefer or any other sprinkles. As this is a Mocha Milkshake we would recommend, pieces of chocolate, crumbled brownie, chocolate syrup or bits of cakes with chocolate or coffee flavour. Vanilla Ice cream on top would be the cherry on the cake.

Ingredient Swap:

A usual milkshake would contain five or four ingredients in maximum. Making your work easy, we declare that this Mocha Milkshake would only want simply three ingredients. The main ingredients such as milk and coffee powder would be in one bottle named Mocha Oat Milk. Instead of the normal diary milk we use, Plant based Oat Milk in the recipe.

Mocha Oat Milk used in the recipe:

The Mocha Oat Milk is by mylklabs with whom we are collaborating today. The non- diary oat milk is made up with 100% natural ingredients and oats. The oat milk is super healthy as it does not contain refined sugar or preservatives. The creamy milk can be consumed while its chilled or in recipes as mousse, hot chocolate, milkshakes or pudding. The Mocha Oat Milk plant based and vegan. Get your hand on this bottle for this Christmas, and enjoy a healthy and delectable dessert with your friends and family. Link for the oat milk is mentioned below.

Mylklabs Oat Milk


Vanilla Ice cream- 1 scoop

Cooking chocolate- 150g

Mylklabs Mocha Oat Milk– 300ml



Double boil 150g of cooking chocolate. (Be sure to wipe off all the water droplets from the bowls before double boiling.


Pour the Mylklabs Mocha Oat Milk in a blender. Add the double boiled chocolate, vanilla ice cream and blend well.

Step 3

Pour the Mocha Milkshake in the serving glasses and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Finally, drizzle some chocolate syrup on top.

-Mocha Milkshake Is Ready!-

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