Top 5 Podcasts To Start The Year

With New Year starts new habits and new resolutions. As it’s the starting month of a year, it’s high time to add another useful habit to your daily life. Books and podcasts are two things which people would never feel guilty on wasting time as at the end of each books and podcasts, we turn into a more experienced and knowledgeable being. Here are top 5 podcasts which we assure would not waste your time and be useful as well. Scroll down and get to know the podcasts which would make your year happy and enjoyable.

Below every podcasts, we have mentioned the link as it would be easy for the readers to find them out. Hope you would enjoy the post and find it useful. If you did like, share and comment down below. Press the follow button in the side of our page to be updated with our posts. Happy reading!

The 20’s show

The 20’s show podcast would be the best one to begin with. The podcast hosted by Vidhaan Jain inspires people to pursue meaningful lives. The self help podcast would be useful, especially to the teenagers and youth who are seeking for advice on personal growth and business. The easy and interesting part of this podcast is its time span. Most of the episodes in this podcast plays for just 10 to 15mins. The 20’s show would not only be great for advice seekers for their personal growth but also for the readers out there.

If you want to start out with some best episodes of this podcast, here are some which we would recommend.

  1. Why you don’t like reading books & how to fix it. 2. Overcome your biggest enemy. 3. Don’t let compliments go to your head. 4. How to find your passion. 5. The unfair advantage of reading books.

The 20’s show is available on several platforms to enjoy! You can find the podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, Audible, Jio Saavn and Listen Notes. Down below we have mentioned the link of the podcast.

Link- The 20’s show

The Habit Coach

The Habit Coach hosted by Ashdin Doctor is another podcast which we would highly recommend to start your year with. The Health and Fitness podcast would be sure to help you from health, stress, nutrition and sleep. If you are demotivated be sure that this podcast would be your healer. The time span of the episode would be 5 to 15mins and would not waste your time. The episodes of The Habit Coach airs on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The podcast is currently on its 636th episode.

As the podcast contains many useful episodes, the listeners would be confused while choose one, let us help you out with it. Here are some episodes which we would recommend to start with.

  1. Why complaining is bad? 2. Don’t compete just create 3.How to restart your habits

The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and Audible. You are just a click away to get into a new healthy habit this year.

Link- The Habit Coach

The Chasing Joy

Positivity and Good vibes are two major things which are more important to our daily life. The chasing joy by its name itself declares that the podcast is a hope for joy. The chasing joy hosted by Georgie Morley aired episodes every about health and fitness. Though the podcast has come to an end, the advice in it are not to be neglected. If you have decided to make this year more joyful and energized as you can, visit the chasing joy podcast.

  1. People pleasing with Georgie Morley.
  2. Facing failures.

Link- The Chasing Joy

Pursuing The Happy with Happily, Hedy

In this podcast get ready to pursue the Happy with Happily Hedy. Here is another podcast to embrace happiness into life this year. The host Hedy Z would make sure that the listeners pursue their best and happy lives by giving effective tips on lifestyle, self development and business. As the podcast is in its 2nd season, there would me more promising episodes to air.

Down below we have mentioned some of the episodes which we would highly recommend.

1.3 Effective methods to instantly relieve and mangae stress

2. Sharing My Effective 3 Step Method to Practicing Gratitude + How it Can Change Your Life

Link- Pursuing The Happy with Happily, Hedy

Before Breakfast Podcast

Feel less busy and get more done by Before Breakfast. The five minutes episodes are not time consuming yet interesting as well. The host Laura Vanderkam is the best for self help and self motivation. Before breakfast is in its 932nd episode and has many good reviews by its listeners. The episodes are aired daily and would be very helpful to the listeners.

Here are some episodes that we would recommend from the podcast.

  1. The secret to successful change.
  2. Good coffee Good mornings
  3. Find your sunshine
  4. If you plan it, they will come.

Link- Before Breakfast Podcast

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