Easy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Disclaimer- This post contain affiliate links. With no extra cost for you I, being an Amazon Associate may receive a small commission if you click the link. A chocolate brownie with ice cream is a combination to be longed for. The chocolate flavour and the texture in it attracts everyone to the cake like dessert.…… Continue reading Easy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Easy Fondant Icing

The novel Attaining Anderson Hall which is written by JSFM Quraish is released finally! And soon would be available on store! Starting the journey by Wattpad (An online App where writers could showcase their work) it is a pleasure to find my book published. This Cake is baked to show the readers a glimpse of…… Continue reading Easy Fondant Icing

Mirror Glaze Cake/Without gelatin

Mirror Glaze cake is one of the cakes which is rare and eye catching. It is adored for both it’s taste and beauty. The soft and sweet glaze cake could be easily baked at home to be served to our sweet tooth friends and relatives. If you are person who is not a gelatin lover,…… Continue reading Mirror Glaze Cake/Without gelatin