Review on Mansfield Park

Every moment has it’s pleasure and it’s hopeMansfield Park, Jane Austen Novel: Mansfield Park Published in: 1814 Genre: Classic Author: Jane Austen Synopsis: Little Fanny Price was assisted to the Mansfield Park by Aunt Norris where Lady Bertram (Her aunt) and Sir Thomas Bertram lives. The timid girl feels isolated leaving her family behind to…… Continue reading Review on Mansfield Park

Lanie Mores on her Fantasy series

Lanie Mores is the author of the Contention series which is a fantasy novel. Lanie found her interest in books since childhood but the dream of being an author approached her in the early twenties. The author, Lanie Mores is sharing her experience in writing and some information about her series in today’s post. The…… Continue reading Lanie Mores on her Fantasy series